Chais DiMaggio
Religious Trauma Advocate & Pastor

People join faith communities in search of sacred relationships. Many people find their community. But some of us land in toxic religious institutions that cause distress and trauma.

I'm a pastor and a religious trauma advocate. I've created spaces for curiosity, mental wellness, and healthy community for fifteen years.

Chais, a white man with curly brown hair and glasses, is sitting at a table. His expression is friendly and inviting.


Religious Trauma

Research on religious trauma and pathways to creating healthy and safe religious communities.

Psychological Maltreatment

A presentation that defines Psychological Maltreatment and includes assessment guides.

ADHD Handout

A short overview of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

The TikTok Famous ADHD Guide

A brief walkthrough of ADHD from definition to treatment.

Introducing Collaborative Therapy

Learn about the origins and benefits of collaborative therapy.

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